One disadvantage of living “out in the country” is the people who insist on dumping their unwanted pets thinking they would thrive. Unfortunately that is generally not the case as many don’t know how to feed themselves or become meals for coyotes, Great Horned owls and hawks.

A lucky few might be adopted by those of us who do have the patience and means to at least provide some food and shelter. If we can rebuild the trust that was lost when they were abandoned.

One case is Meowzer, who showed up a few months ago. He is fairly young and had been well taken care of, but he was skittish and startles easily. We could see he so wanted to be with people, but was afraid to come close. He would follow our kitties around, wanting companionship.

One problem tho, his previous people have not had him “edited” (I refuse to call it getting “fixed”. There is nothing broken!). So he has that young male aggression that makes it difficult for him to blend in. Needless to say, my neighbor and I have really worked to gaining his trust so we can get him in for editing and shots.

It is working. He started letting my neighbor pet him when she put his food down, then eventually let her husband do the same. Finally he started coming close enough to me when I put his food down that he would sniff my fingers and I could give him a little skritch. Now it is full on pets and skritches.

He comes into the house, at least when we have the front door open, not sure if he knows or has figured out the kitty window. He will wander in, chatting the entire time, checks out the food in the kitchen (I still leave food out for him). He will occasionally flop down in the living room, tho we haven’t been able to coax him over for skritches and pets.

I have attempted to pick him up a couple times, but he wiggles something crazy and I let him down. One positive is he hasn’t scratched or bit when I have tried.

I am so looking forward to the day I can sit and snuggle with him in my lap.

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