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New – Sugar Snap Pea Blossom on FineArtAmerica

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2 savings specials

First is 15% off orders of $15 or more at Purple Ducky Designs Etsy until 7/31/2019. Shipping is already free!

Torroidal inductor earrings

Also 15% off at Purple Ducky Designs Pixels is you use the code SMYDHG at checkout .

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My photos in the FAA billboard contest

Shameless plug. I’ve 3 images in the FAA billboard contest, so could
you vote for them 😀

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Aches and pains

Digital painting on DeviantArt. Was feeling not so good and this is what I was feeling that day.

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Coming together

This site is slowly looking like I want it to. Trying the new Gutenberg interface. Needless to say, there is a bit of a learning curve when you don’t read the tutorials LOL!!! Wasn’t happy with the gallery plug in I had originally, but a fellow woman artist who is a web designer and WP expert pointed me in the right direction and things are looking so much better.

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Getting there

The rebuild is coming along nicely. Still getting the hang of some of the features of the theme and the gallery I am using. Haven’t even started looking at side bar stuff and a few other add ons. Figure just get the basics up then seriously tweek it.

I am liking the front page layout, reasonably uncluttered and I like the boxes, so now it is easier to get to various areas of my site. The shop page is going to need a serious major overhaul, but the links are still working at least.

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Slowly rebuilding.

Was able to import all the blog posts over from my dot com blog, so hopefully I know have this set up properly to have the posts show up there when I post on my hosted site. Do need to see if I have a backup of the site before things puked, but if not, rebuilding from scratch would be good to get a cleaner site.

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Hello world!

Purple Ducky Designs is back online! Will be getting it back up and fully running this week.

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Sunset and trees

Sunset over Elk River Idaho with the trees in silhouette against the clouds.

Photography Prints