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Vote for Purple Ducky Designs at the Etsy Small Business Contest

Help me try to win $10,000 to help expand my jewelry and art at Purple Ducky Designs Etsy! Please vote HERE.

Purple Ducky Designs is about reusing and recycling items such as computer parts in order to keep as much of the waste out of landfills while turning it into unique wearable art as jewelry and interesting art pieces. The whole thing started when I took some read/write arms from hard drives my husband had dismantled and made them into a Christmas ornament for a party. Someone jokingly suggested they would make great earrings and I took that idea and ran with it.

Since then I have been thinking up different ways to use dead computers as jewelry and art. I haven’t looked at computer e-waste the same way since. I even find ways to use as much of the leftover materials such as wire, etc in my art pieces to further reduce the amount of waste that gets thrown out.

Plus I really love turning stuff that people wouldn’t generally think as still useful into something they would see in a new light.

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