American Avocet desktop wallpaper

Posterized photograph of an American Avocet wading in Spring Valley Reservoir near Troy ID. This is a digital file is 3.05 MB with a resolution of 1920x1870px suitable for computer wallpaper. This can be downloaded for $1.99 from my shop Purple Ducky Photos

Computer hard drive platter mini light catcher with sea shells

A computer hard drive platter makes for an interesting light catcher to hang in windows or on the porch. Sea shells, brass wire, clear and green beads. 13 1/4 inches in length. This can be purchased thru Purple Ducky Designed at Etsy.

Laptop computer hard drive board ornament

The circuit board from a laptop computer hard drive with copper wire and blue, teal and clear beads make for an interesting ornament for decorations. 9 1/2 inches in length. This can be purchased from Purple Ducky Designs at Etsy.

Hard drive spindle ring earrings with sea shells

Earrings made from recycled computer hard drive spindle rings, cat5 wire, beads and sea shells. The sea shells were brought back from the South Seas by my grandpa when he came back from WWII. A unique piece of wearable art. These earrings are fairly light weight. These earring are shown with ear wires. They can…

Computer hard drive parts mobile

Decorative mobile made from beads, copper wire, a recycled hanger parts off of computer hard drives. The circuit board resembles the state of Idaho (or a grand piano). Colored wooden beads give some extra decoration. This can be purchased thru Purple Ducky Designs on Etsy.