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It has been a while

Didn’t plan on going offline for so long here. I have been working on some photography projects, but I’ve mostly been decompressing from 40 years of working full time and enjoying retirement.

I has been an interesting year I must say. COVID-19 seriously hit the US right about the time I retired, so that put a bit of a kibosh on the traveling and photography I had planned on. But it did give me a chance to start getting around the house projects started and a chance to work on my writing.

Summer projects are gearing down and it will be time to start working on things I can do in the house. I do have a good start on my art studio in the shed:

It will be nice to have a separate space to work on my jewelry and art pieces. I have a nice space in the house for my computer to work on my photos and digital art:

Now that things are starting to settle into place I am looking forward to all the creating I can do.

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Coming together

This site is slowly looking like I want it to. Trying the new Gutenberg interface. Needless to say, there is a bit of a learning curve when you don’t read the tutorials LOL!!! Wasn’t happy with the gallery plug in I had originally, but a fellow woman artist who is a web designer and WP expert pointed me in the right direction and things are looking so much better.

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Getting there

The rebuild is coming along nicely. Still getting the hang of some of the features of the theme and the gallery I am using. Haven’t even started looking at side bar stuff and a few other add ons. Figure just get the basics up then seriously tweek it.

I am liking the front page layout, reasonably uncluttered and I like the boxes, so now it is easier to get to various areas of my site. The shop page is going to need a serious major overhaul, but the links are still working at least.

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The dust is settling

and the rebuilding of the website continues slowly. I know better what I am doing this time, so things should not be a mess when I am done (I hope LOL!). 

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Back to being active again

Because of a car accident way back in March of this year, I’ve not been doing much at all in regards to many of my shops. Recuperating has taken pretty much all of my time. But I am back and have even gotten out and about to take photos. Stopped at a local harvest fest on Saturday and took quite a few nice photos. Here is one I really like:


I love finding things like this to photograph. Hopefully the weather will hold long enough this fall so I can get out and about and get more.

Will also be adding more recycled computer art and jewelry to my Etsy and Amazon shops over the next few weeks to get ahead of the holiday gift season.

More updates as they come along.

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I’ve now linked this blog to my Purple Ducky Designs website and seeing it things are working between the blog and it.

ETA Success! things seem to be working well.

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