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Hiding behind technology

So I’d been racking my brain trying to come up with something for the upcoming Mask show with the Palouse Women Artists group and simply drew a blank. The yesterday the hubby suggested “Hiding behind technology” and my brain went DING!!!!!!

Went out to the shed during a driving rainstorm, started digging thru my stuff and hauled a bunch of it into the house:


Grabbed the sunglasses from when I had my eyes dilated last year and the wig head I had and decided it would be part of the piece:

I had a piece made of hard drive platters and beads I’d made a while back, but it didn’t go as I’d planned so I’d stashed it for future inspiration. When I looked at it I thought it would be perfect for my mask.


So I glued it to the sunglasses along with the inside of a couple floppy discs  and then started adding to it. I had a small keyboard for something. I’d gotten a big box of things that had already been taken apart and was using several items from the. The keyboard was a perfect addition to the piece:



I added a couple more pieces before going to bed. Of course my brain immediately kicked into overdrive about what else I could do on it, so getting to sleep took a while.

Managed to finally get some sleep, but as soon as I woke up when it was light out, up I got. Put some coffee in the microwave, started a fresh pot and then out to the shed for what I needed from my brainwave the night before.

Made a second trip out to the shed and started working on my mask before actually drinking any coffee, much less being fully awake. Once I got the majority of the mask assembled I finally  curled up in my chair and enjoyed my coffee, along with 4 more cups LOL!

Decided that the wig head was too plain, so I took a red stocking that had laddered and put that over the head. After adding a few more details to the mask it was ready:


Dropped it off with the person who will deliver it to the Barn with a number of other pieces. The show opens at the Dahmen Barn on the April 2nd with a reception from 2-4 pm and will run thru the 30th. My piece will be for sale. If it doesn’t sell at the show I will then list it thru my Etsy shop.


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