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It has been a while

Didn’t plan on going offline for so long here. I have been working on some photography projects, but I’ve mostly been decompressing from 40 years of working full time and enjoying retirement.

I has been an interesting year I must say. COVID-19 seriously hit the US right about the time I retired, so that put a bit of a kibosh on the traveling and photography I had planned on. But it did give me a chance to start getting around the house projects started and a chance to work on my writing.

Summer projects are gearing down and it will be time to start working on things I can do in the house. I do have a good start on my art studio in the shed:

It will be nice to have a separate space to work on my jewelry and art pieces. I have a nice space in the house for my computer to work on my photos and digital art:

Now that things are starting to settle into place I am looking forward to all the creating I can do.

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