Back to being active again

Because of a car accident way back in March of this year, I’ve not been doing much at all in regards to many of my shops. Recuperating has taken pretty much all of my time. But I am back and have even gotten out and about to take photos. Stopped at a local harvest fest on Saturday and took quite a few nice photos. Here is one I really like:


I love finding things like this to photograph. Hopefully the weather will hold long enough this fall so I can get out and about and get more.

Will also be adding more recycled computer art and jewelry to my Etsy and Amazon shops over the next few weeks to get ahead of the holiday gift season.

More updates as they come along.

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Red-tail Hawk

Juvenile red-tail hawk flying over the Palouse.

One of the things I love about where we live is all the raptors who live here. Most common are the Red-tail hawks. We generally refer to them as George, Georgette, and the little Georges LOL! Yes, we tend to name the critters who hang out regularly in our area, even if they aren’t the same year after year.

I have lots of chances of getting pics of the hawks as they LOVE the fields around our house, esp during harvest season when the fields become a buffet for them.

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