Recommended reading

Recommended books

These are books I have read and recommend to anyone who is coming to terms with their size and want to know more about the whole size issue. Many of these books can be found either thru the bookstore or your public library. If your library doesn’t have them, try and obtain them from another library thru their Interlibrary Loan services. This can be done either for free or for a small fee. Books with call numbers in the parentheses are available thru the University of Idaho Library.

Overview of size acceptance:

Bovey, Shelley. The Forbidden body: Why being fat is not a sin. Harper Pandora, 1994.

Brown, Laura S, PhD & Esther D Rothblum, PhD. Overcoming fear of fat. Harrington Park Press, 1989.

Cooper, Charlotte. Fat and proud: the politics of size. Women’s Press Ltd, 1998.

Fraser, Laura. Losing it: America’s obsession with weight and the industry that feeds on it. Dutton, New York, 1997. (RM 222.2 F696 1997)

Garrison, Terry Nicholetti & David Levitsky, PhD. Fed up! A woman’s guide to freedom from the Diet/Weight Prison. Carroll & Graf Publishers, Inc, 1993

Goodman, W. Charisse. The invisible woman: confronting weight prejudice in America. Gurze Press, 1995. (BF 697.5 B63 G67 1995)

Louderback, Llewellyn. Fat Power: whaterver you weigh is right. Hawthorn Books, Inc, 1970.

Mannheim, Camryn. Wake up, I’m fat. Broadway Books, 1999. (PN 2287 M284 A3 1999)

Schoenfielder, Lisa and Barb Weiser, editors. Shadow on a tightrope: writings by women on fat oppression. Aunt Lute, 1983.

Schroeder, Charles Roy, Ph.D. Fat is not a four-letter word. Chronmed Publishing, 1992.

Schwartz, Hillel. Never satisfied: a cultural history of diets, fantasies and fat. The Free Press, 1986. (RM 222.2 S357 1986)

Thone, Ruth Rymond. Fat – a fate worse than death? Women, weight and appearance. Haworth Press, Inc, 1997. (RC 552 O25 T48 1997)

Health and fitness:

Bacon, Linda, PhD. Health at Every Size: the surprising truth about your weight. Benbella Books, Inc. 2008. (RC 628 S8295 2008)

Bennett, William, M.D. and Joel Gurin. The dieter’s dilemma: eating less and weighing more. Basic Books, Inc, Publishers. 1982. (RM 222.2 B443 1982)

Berg, Francis M. Health risks of weight loss. Healthy Weight Journal, 1995.

Berg, Francis M. Women afraid to eat: breaking free in today’s weight-obsessed world. Healthy Weight Journal, 2000. (RC 552 O25 B47 2000)

Bliss, Kelly, M.Ed. Don’t weight – eat healthy and get moving now!. Work it Out, Inc, 2001. (RC 552 O25 B56 2001)

Campos, Paul F. The obesity myth: why America’s obsession with weight is hazardous to your health. Gotham Books, 2004. (RM 222.2 C27535 2004)

Ernsberger, Paul and Paul Haskew. Rethinking Obesity: An Alternative View of Its Health Implications. Human Services Press, 1987.

Gaesser, Glen. Big fat lies: the truth about your health and your weight. Ballantine, 1996. (RM 222.2 G34 1996)

Hakala, Dee. Thin is just a four letter word. Little, Brown, 1997. (RM 222.2 H223 1997)

Steven, MD and Linda Konner. Just the weigh you are: how to be fit and healthy whatever your size. Chapters, 1997. (RA 776.5 J5636 1997)

Lyons, Pat and Debora Burgard. Great shape: the first fitness guide for large women. Bull Publishing, 1988. (GV 482 L86 1990)

Rice, Rochelle. Real fitness for real women: a unique workout program for the plus-sized woman. Warner Books, 2001 (RA 781 R52 2001)

Vogel, Shawna. Skinny on fat. W.H. Freeman, 1999. (RC628.V64 1999)

Waterhouse, Debra, MPH, RD. Like mother, like daughter: how women are influenced by their mothers’ relationship with food – and how to break the pattern. Hyperion, 1997. (RA 778 W2188 1997)


Bruno, Barbara Altman, Ph.D. Worth your weight: what you can do about a weight problem. Rutledge Books, Inc., 1996. (RM 222.2 B788 1996)

Edut, Ophira, editor. Body Outlaws: rewriting the rules of beauty and body image. Seal Press, (2004), c2003 (BF 697.5 B63 2004)

Erdman, Cheri K. Nothing to lose: a guide to sane living in a larger body. HarperCollins, 1995. (RC 552 O25 E73 1995)

Erdman, Cheri K. Live large! ideas, affirmations & actions for sane living in a larger body. HarperCollins, 1997. (RC 552 O25 E729 1997)

Johnson, Carol. Self-esteem comes in all sizes. Doubleday, 1996. (BF 697.5 S46 J63 1996)

Body image:

Bernell, Bonnie.Bountiful women: large women’s secrets for living the life they desire. Wildcat Canyon Press, 2000

Chernin, Kim. The obsession: reflections on the tyranny of slenderness. HarperPerennial, 1994. (RM 222.2 C47 1994)

Harding, Kate and Marianne Kirby. Lessons from the Fat-O-Sphere: Quit Dieting and Declare a Truce with Your Body. Perigee Book, 2009. (RA 776.95 H37 2009)

Hesse-Biber, Sharlene Janice. Am I thin enough yet?: the cult of thiness and the commercialization of identity. Oxford University Press, 1996. (BF 697.5 B63 H47 1996)

Hutchinson, Marcia Germain, Ed.D. Transforming Body Image: Love the body you have. Crossing Press, 1998. (BF 697.5 B63 H87 1998)

Hutchinson, Marcia Germain, Ed.D. 200 ways to love the body you have. Crossing Press, 1999. (RA 777.8 H88 1999)

Kingsbury, Kathleen Burns. Weight wisdom: affirmations to free you from food and body concerns. Brunner-Routledge, 2003. (RC 552 E18 K54 2003)

Lippincott, Catherine. Well rounded: eight simple steps for changing your life…not your size. Pocket Books, 1997 (BF 697.5 B63 L56 1997)

Maine, Margo. Body wars : making peace with women’s bodies : an activist’s guide. Gurze Books, 2000 (BF 697.5 B63 M35 2000)

Naidus, Beverly. One size does not fit all. Aigis Publications, 1993.

Phillips, Jan, Cathy Conheim, Christine Forester, and a circle of women. A waist is a terrible thing to mind. Breakthrough Press, 2000. (BF 697.5 B63 W22 2000),

Pipher, Mary, PhD. Hunger pains: the modern woman’s tragic quest for thinness. Ballantine Books, 1995.

Poulton, Terry. No fat chicks: how big business profits by making women hate their bodies & how to fight back. A Birch Lane Press Book published by Carol Publishing Group, 1997. (RM 222.2 P67 1997)

Seid, Roberta Pollack. Never too thin: Why women are at war with their bodies. Prentice-Hall, 1989.

Solovay, Sondra, J.D. Tipping the scales of justice: fighting weight-based discrimination. Prometheus Books, 2000. (BF 697.5 B63 S65 2000)

Wann, Marilyn. Fat!So?: Because you don’t have to apologize for your size. Ten Speed Press, 1998. (BF697.5.B63W25 1998)

Wiley, Carol. Journeys to self-acceptance: fat women speak. Crossing Press, 1994. (BF 697.5 B63 J68 1994)

Children and teens

Berg, Francis M. Afraid to eat: children and teens in weight crisis. Healthy Weight Journal, 1997. (RJ 506 E18 B47 1997)

Berg, Francis M. Children and teens afraid to eat: Helping youthin today’s weight-oooobsessed world. Healthy Weight Network, 2001 (RJ 506 E28 B47 2001)

Edut, Ophira, ed. Adios, Barbie: young women write about body image and identity. Seal Press, 1998. (BF 697.5 63 A35 1998)

Freidman, Sandra Susan. When girls feel fat: helping girls through adolescence. Firefly Books, 2000 (HQ 798 F75 2000)

Nichter, Mimi. Fat talk: what girls and their parents say about dieting. Harvard University Press, 2000. (RJ 399 C6 N53 2000)

Pitman, Teresa and Miriam Kaufman. The overweight child: promoting fitness and self-esteem. Firefly Books, 2000. (RJ 399 C6 P58 2000)

Schwager, Tina, P.T.A., A.T.C. and Michele Schwerger. The right moves: A girl’s guide to getting fit and feeling good. Free Spirit Publishing, Inc, 1998. (PZ 345 S38 R54 1998)

Clothing and fashion:

Farro, Rita. Life is not a dress size: Rita Farro’s guide to attitude, style, and a new you. Chilton, 1996. (TT 507 F33 1996)

Nanfeldt, Suzan. Plus style: the plus-size guide to looking great. Plume, 1996. (TT 507 N26 1996)


Martindale, Lee (editor). Such a pretty face : tales of power & abundance. Meisha Merlin Pub, 2000

Murray, Lynne. A Ton of Trouble: a Josephine Fuller mystery. St. Martin’s Minotaur. 2002 (Bk 4) Murray, Lynne. At large : a Josephine Fuller mystery. St. Martin’s Minotaur, 2001 (Bk 3)

Murray, Lynne. Large target. St. Martin’s Minotaur, 2000. (2nd in the Jo Fuller series) (PS3563.U7716L36 2000)

Murray, Lynne Larger than death: a novel. Orloff Press, 1997. (A Josephine Fuller mystery. This is a good mystery with a woman of size who is the main character who goes to Seattle to solve the mystery of the death of her mentor and friend.) (PS 3563 U7716 L37 1997)


Edison, Laurie and Debbie Notkin. Women en large Books in Focus, 1994. (note: this is a book which contains black and white photos of large women in the nude. The photos are beautifully done and it shows that large women are beautiful.)

St. Paige, Edward. Zaftig: the case for curves Darling & Company, 1999.

Sullivan, Judy. Size wise. Avon Books, 1997.

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