Purple Ducky Designs is where I have my art and photographs. My favorite color is purple and I collect Devil Ducks. So when it came time to pick a domain name and shop name, Purple Ducky sprang to mind

I have been taking photos for quite a while, but it wasn’t until I got my first digital camera that it really took off. I will take pictures of pretty much everything and have been known to whip out my camera at restaurants to snap a few pictures of our meals to share with my online foodie friends

I like to take bits of computer that my husband has taken apart to make things with. The reader arms from hard drives make very interesting earrings and the other components make great mobiles.

I have one project I have been working on for a while, “Freedom from Tyranny” which involves firearms and scales. “Freedom” is a body image piece to represent breaking the hold the scale has over women’s self esteem and body image.

art, photography & jewelry