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Purple Ducky Designs At Moscow Artwalk 2017

I was able to get a booth to demonstrate and sell my jewelry and art at this year’s Moscow Artwalk. I had quite a bit of fun, tho only made one sale. But I did talk with a lot of people and gave away a few cards. Quite a few people also took pictures to post on Snapchat and other social media.

Picked up a pop up canopy from a friend who sold it to me for $40, brand new, never out of the box. It is a very good color too:

I had a very nice location also. Weather was troublesome tho, wind was annoying. Luckily I’d brought pretty much all my gear and supplies as a couple of my bins were heavy enough to use as weights, as was the Del computer I was going to take apart:

At this point it was more useful as an anchor than for materials LOL! I had plenty of hard drives and laptops to take apart if needed:

Had a very good view up and down Main,  tho being downwind of Duke’s Place was a bit problematic, it smelled so good my mouth kept watering all evening LOL! I’d brought munchies along, but grapes and string cheese just wasn’t what my taste buds were wanting.

Tried to sprinkle a few times, but the rain held off. The wind however! Tried to move my canopy a good 2-3 feet at one point, so glad I had the weights on at least 3 corners. Will be looking at a better solution than bins and Dell computers. Wrap around sandbags maybe, or just fund barbell weights at the thrift shops. We’ll see.

But I love my new canopy. Need to get a banner to hang across the front. Have one designed thru my Zazzle shop, just need to order it before the next event in July.

The sun finally did come out:

Tho the breeze didn’t quite go away. I was taking my jacket on and off all evening and I’d dressed in layers as is.

Made quite a few items, a couple pair of Pride earrings using spindle rings, here is one set:

Will be uploading all the new items to my Amazon shop in the next couple of days. Need to get some good photos of them all.

Getting a lot better at chatting with people, tho my brain derails frequently when I try and think of a particular word when I am discussing the materials I am using. But I have the most fun talking with the little kids who just are amazed at what I can do with dead computers. I keep a regular hard drive and a laptop hard drive intact with the covers off so they can look at it and spin the platters around. I also have one desktop mostly intact so they can see what the inside of one looks like. Same with a couple motherboards (tho eventually all those will be replace with others as I use up my display models LOL).

Made contact with a couple people who I can get more dead computers from, so that is nice. So while not the most profitable event I have been too, it was fun and I hope to do it again next year.

Now to see about getting booth space at two more events this summer.







Art show opening

The opening reception for the “Masks revealing the artist” exhibit at the Artisans at the Dahmen Barn was yesterday and it was very nice. The person who hung the displays did a fantastic job. Mine was placed on a plinth in the middle of the room so people could walk around it. Had the hubby snaps some photos of me with my piece of course.

I didn’t stay for the whole reception, but another member figured up to that point at least 200 people had been thru with quite a few people who came in before the reception as they were at the barn for other reasons.

And for once I looked around and didn’t think my work wasn’t as good as the other artists LOL! In fact my brain started racing with ideas to do more masks with recycled computer parts. Now I need to get a scroll saw, soldering iron, and a whole lot of other supplies. And a decent work space out int he shed so I don’t ruin my dining room table LOL!

And for once I looked around and didn’t think my work wasn’t as good as the other artists LOL! In fact my brain started racing with ideas to do more masks with recycled computer parts. Now I need to get a scroll saw, soldering iron, and a whole lot of other supplies. And a decent work space out int he shed so I don’t ruin my dining room table LOL!

The show runs thru April 30th at the Artisans at the Dahmen Barn. If my piece doesn’t sell at the show I will be posting it on my Etsy shop.

Hiding behind technology

So I’d been racking my brain trying to come up with something for the upcoming Mask show with the Palouse Women Artists group and simply drew a blank. The yesterday the hubby suggested “Hiding behind technology” and my brain went DING!!!!!!

Went out to the shed during a driving rainstorm, started digging thru my stuff and hauled a bunch of it into the house:


Grabbed the sunglasses from when I had my eyes dilated last year and the wig head I had and decided it would be part of the piece:

I had a piece made of hard drive platters and beads I’d made a while back, but it didn’t go as I’d planned so I’d stashed it for future inspiration. When I looked at it I thought it would be perfect for my mask.


So I glued it to the sunglasses along with the inside of a couple floppy discs  and then started adding to it. I had a small keyboard for something. I’d gotten a big box of things that had already been taken apart and was using several items from the. The keyboard was a perfect addition to the piece:



I added a couple more pieces before going to bed. Of course my brain immediately kicked into overdrive about what else I could do on it, so getting to sleep took a while.

Managed to finally get some sleep, but as soon as I woke up when it was light out, up I got. Put some coffee in the microwave, started a fresh pot and then out to the shed for what I needed from my brainwave the night before.

Made a second trip out to the shed and started working on my mask before actually drinking any coffee, much less being fully awake. Once I got the majority of the mask assembled I finally  curled up in my chair and enjoyed my coffee, along with 4 more cups LOL!

Decided that the wig head was too plain, so I took a red stocking that had laddered and put that over the head. After adding a few more details to the mask it was ready:


Dropped it off with the person who will deliver it to the Barn with a number of other pieces. The show opens at the Dahmen Barn on the April 2nd with a reception from 2-4 pm and will run thru the 30th. My piece will be for sale. If it doesn’t sell at the show I will then list it thru my Etsy shop.


A small art project

Participating in a fund raiser for Alternatives to Violence on the Palouse where we take old telephones and decorate them:


So I was originally going to do zebra stripes, but hubby mentioned we had some orange spray paint and I decided tiger stripes would be cooler.

Went to spray the phone with the orange as a base, but it was dead. So instead sprayed it black:


Then picked up a small can of orange and went to town:


Painting the orange was a couple day project as the paint was an oil base and dried slowly. But finally got it done and then detailed it with a black marking pen to add some more black lines and define the orange strips:


Will be dropping off the phone today at Cafe Artista where the benefit show and sale will be happening tomorrow night from 4-7pm.