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Sorry, it’s been a while since I last posted.

It’s been somewhat of a down winter. I was turned down for knee replacement surgery, so I have been rather pissed with life. I have been working on my art and writing on Medium though.

At least spring has sprung and I can get back out into my garden, even if I have to weed the flower beds while lying down since my knees aren’t up to it. I will be making a better effort to post here.

I am looking into adding a shop linked with Printful, but so far I am not having much luck getting things figured out. But I still have my other shops you can access here.

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My Moonwalkers are finally blooming

I have been anxiously waiting for my volunteer sunflowers to start blooming so I could see what is what. My Evening Suns and Autumn Beauties are popping out all over, but no sign of my Moonwalkers until yesterday. It is such a pretty pale yellow that makes a nice counterpoint to the bright yellows and oranges of the other two sunflowers.

I will collect some seeds to give away to friends so they can plant their own. The rest will be left on the stalks to feed the little birds who stick around over the winter. I probably won’t have to start seeds in the greenhouse next spring. The sunflowers are doing a good job seeding themselves in my flower gardens.

If you would like to buy this picture on a number of different products, click here

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What I have been up to lately

I do need to get back into blogging regularly. I have been writing on Medium and do need to share my articles here also. 

I have also been working on painting using a program from Escape Motions called Rebelle 5 Pro. They have since upgraded it to version 6, but I have yet to be able to afford the upgrade. I am seriously enjoying it. I picked it up last fall on a special they had for $10 a program. 

Digital impressionist oil painting of a fiery sunset over the Palouse with the sun setting on the horizon with the sky in oranges, reds and pink and the fields and hills in the forefront in deep browns.

Sunset over the Palouse (created in Rebelle 5 Pro)

I picked up two other programs, both particle systems that create some very nice art. One is called Flame Painter and the other is Amberlight.

Abstract design in golds, yellows, browns and white

Shards (created with Flame Painter)

Abstract light painting using particles to create a galaxy effect in purples and pinks against a black background.,

Purple Galaxy (created with Amberlight)

Gardening has started I have a number of seedlings out in the greenhouse. Most are coming along nicely. I will have to restart a couple using a force method that uses a damp paper towel and a plastic bag. I have limited myself in how many varieties of tomatoes I have started. I have been overly ambitious for the last couple of years. Too many plants, not enough places for them. Once I get more raised beds in I can increase what I grow.

Eleven seed starter pots with seedlings and popsicle sticks on a workbench in a greenhouse.

Some of my seedlings in the greenhouse

That’s it for now. I am going to try and blog at least twice a week and with luck more once I get back into things.

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Adding a WooCommerce store to my site

I have decided to add a shopping site directly to my site, so I will be moving physical products here as time goes on. This is partly because so many people have started selling upcycled computer stuff on Etsy. I used to be the only one and have gotten lost in the sea of goods.

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New – Sugar Snap Pea Blossom on FineArtAmerica

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It has been a while

Didn’t plan on going offline for so long here. I have been working on some photography projects, but I’ve mostly been decompressing from 40 years of working full time and enjoying retirement.

I has been an interesting year I must say. COVID-19 seriously hit the US right about the time I retired, so that put a bit of a kibosh on the traveling and photography I had planned on. But it did give me a chance to start getting around the house projects started and a chance to work on my writing.

Summer projects are gearing down and it will be time to start working on things I can do in the house. I do have a good start on my art studio in the shed:

It will be nice to have a separate space to work on my jewelry and art pieces. I have a nice space in the house for my computer to work on my photos and digital art:

Now that things are starting to settle into place I am looking forward to all the creating I can do.

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New photos at Purple Ducky Designs Pixels

Photography Prints Art Prints Art Prints

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2 savings specials

First is 15% off orders of $15 or more at Purple Ducky Designs Etsy until 7/31/2019. Shipping is already free!

Torroidal inductor earrings

Also 15% off at Purple Ducky Designs Pixels is you use the code SMYDHG at checkout .

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My photos in the FAA billboard contest

Shameless plug. I’ve 3 images in the FAA billboard contest, so could
you vote for them 😀